Why muslin blankies make happy babies

Whoever coined the term ‘sleep like a baby’ evidently didn't seem to know much about them.

Newborns are notoriously restless sleepers who are hungry every few hours and rarely, if ever, make it through the night without waking up. 

Good sleeping habits are important for your baby’s physical and emotional well-being. And an important part of establishing good sleeping habits is creating a cozy sleep environment – where your baby sleeps, what kind of crib or bed, the type of mattress, and of course their wonderful blankets.

Muslin blankets are a great choice for a baby blanket. Unlike other materials which can trap a baby's body heat and prohibit movement, muslin is an amazingly soft and breathable fabric. It's freely woven, allowing heat to escape and fresh air to enter so your baby remains comfortable and calm, mimicking the womb. 

These blankets can be used for many months, even years. There are so many uses for these baby blankets, a ‘baby asset’ which parents can never really have too many of. 

And there are many reasons why muslin blankets offer such security. For example: Babies like things that are familiar, and what could be more familiar than the blanket they have been using since the first day of their life? 

They are perfect for swaddling because they are big, and you are able to wrap your baby up tightly so they can’t wiggle out. Also Ideal for using as sun shields for the car or to cover the pram for walks. You never know when your toddler might need the toilet, so these blankets can be used to cover your back seat of the car or on the grass or wherever you make an emergency change. Or trolley covers, where Mom has to use trolleys which often aren’t soft, and they aren’t the cleanest of places. Even as burp cloths- where spit manifests on your baby’s face, on your top, or wherever else, your muslin blankets are always on hand to grab and use to clean as necessary. And they are generally big so you can use them as your baby grows. 

The list goes on.

These premium cotton baby blankets give a cozy and luxurious feel, they are lightweight and breathable, but also warm and super soft. They are perfect for nap time, play, travelling, nursing and more. Many materials are simply too heavy and harsh for a baby’s delicate skin. Luckily, that isn’t the case with muslin. 

The Sugar House Shop are experts in this regard. Our premium muslin blankets are giving baby the coziness they so badly desire. It’s an investment in their sleep, and yours.